For patients who are not in favor of or do not feel comfortable with traditional medicine and allopathic programs which typically involve the taking of prescription medications and may employ the use of cortisone injection, there is now an alternative option that is available. We now offer a holistic approach of integrative podiatric medicine that uses a regime of holistic (natural) products and treatment protocols that focus on the unhealthy aspects of lifestyle and diet that is often the underlying cause of many disease processes.

This approach is not for everyone and not all problems may be addressed in this fashion, but many can and respond quite well to this paradigm. The design of this option lends itself to the elimination of side effects of the use of traditional pharmaceutical agents and injectables. More importantly, it focuses on overall health and wellness and strong immunity including:

  • Assessment of food sensitivities by scientific testing of blood antibodies
  • Hormone testing to evaluate levels of stress by laboratory testing
  • Assessment of lifestyle patterns
  • Sleep patterns

A holistic treatment program is then designed that focuses on wellness, nutrition, sleep and lifestyle changes to realign both body and immunity back into the balance that naturally occurs. It is reinforced with holistic dietary supplementation that is personally tailored to your specific needs, based on scientific laboratory testing.   Reduction in the food groups to which you show most sensitivity helps to address the most common causes of chronic inflammation that is responsible for recurrent joint/tendon pain, fatigue, and an array of skin disorders. These conditions not only adversely affect the legs and feet, but negatively affect the entire body as a whole.

We treat people, not just feet! So this paradigm is directed at addressing the entire being, not just the painful foot or ankle concern. Beyond diet modification, we will recommend and assist in arranging the following which are of great help in successful outcomes:

  • Stress management through an exercise program
  • Meditation
  • Yoga
  • Massage therapy

Massage therapy has been medically proven to be of great benefit both physically and psychologically. It can be beneficial in muscle relaxation and improvement of posture, improvement of blood circulation, reduction of anxiety and levels of stress, and has even been shown to lower blood pressure, in addition to many other benefits that directly affect work performance and interpersonal relationships.

Some of the treatment options that we employ as an adjunct to lifestyle management in lieu of traditional medications and steroid injections include:

Erchonia Cold Laser Therapy

Consists of amplified light tuned to a specific wavelength that is focused on the painful areas of the foot and ankle. It penetrates deeply into the tissues and biologically stimulates the damaged cells in the area by photo-bio-stimuation (cellular light absorption/stimulation) to enhance a process of natural repair and healing at the most basic cellular level.

High Energy Extra Corporeal Shock Wave Therapy

Consists of high energy ultrasound waves that are focused on the area of pain in the heel or Achilles tendon and cause an inflammatory process in the area that in turn stimulates the natural process of healing of the chronically painful ligament or tendon. The success rate of this procedure has almost totally eliminated the need for open heel surgery. This procedure has no recovery down time at all.